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The new layout is finally up and we have so much to add! Keep ya posted!

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Updates soon!


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A new layout is happening with these gorgeous images!


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How precious is this new photo? Love it!


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Did you know Torrann is a 7th grader? Few more years till high school! Torrann made school cheer for her middle school! Torrann has also decided a few weeks ago to quit the gymnastics team, but for a good reason! She wanted focus on school, cheer, and her grades. She still plays softball though, and her team is The Lady Owls, and wants to try out for a softball team next summer call The Comets. Can you talk about busy????

She is thinking about going out for the track team too this year, and we know she’ll do perfect on that team!

Her piano lessons are coming along really nice as well! If you missed the post last year, her family found out she can play piano by ear, so she is in lessons learning to read music.

Talk about a talented kid!

What are YOU doing this school year? Tell us in the chat box!

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Thank you for checking out Torrann’s website! We have a COMPLETELY new layout up on the website and I hope you guys enjoy it! We’ve also got a new layout on the gallery! xo